Biothex has a mission to replace polluting products with biodegradable materials. Today, this is an absolute requirement for the cosmetics and food industry.

Biothex is a completely new, plasticizer-free thermoplastic material. It is a highly sustainable material made from renewable resources which is completely biodegradable, compostable
and biobased. It does not contain any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). The material also fulfils the European composting standards EN 13432 and furthermore is suitable for food contact.



  • Is Biothex material biodegradable?

Products made of Biothex are completely biodegradable and, depending on their thickness, compostable. It is no dangerous product in the sense of directive 67/548/EEC and not
subject to transport regulations. 


  • How can I process Biothex material?  

Biothex products are suitable for the processing industry in the form of foils and sheet goods:

  • deep drawing*
  • printing*
  • bending*
  • edging *
  • punching *

* we will provide you with technical datasheet


  • Is Biothex material available in colors?

Yes, with the use of a complementary master batch colors can be obtained.