Polythex offers a new product -ECO PCR-PS

As strong supporter of the circular economy, we have always been seeking for the most sustainable solutions. We are proud to present a PCR material made from recycled input substances (air conditioning devices, refrigerators, freezers) in cooperation with one of the leading recycling companies.

Polythex ECO PCR-PS is the result of a special formula, complemented by a supremely elaborate modifying system. ECO PCR PS guarantees an excellent impact strength, even at low temperatures. The material stands out through its very narrow tolerance in the mechanical properties as well as its tight processing window. Furthermore, ECO PCR-PS is approved for and compliant with the European Standard for the Safety of Toys EN71-3. Thanks to the strong purity of the material, a very high color spectrum can be achieved, according to customer specifications.



PCR materials minimize:
– The use of fossil fuels and
carbon emissions
– Water and energy consumption
– The quantity of waste

PCR materials are:
– Recyclable and reusable
– Part of modern circular economy

PCR materials support:
– The consumers turnover through
ecological production